Mother’s day 12.5.

Delight your mom with a delicious mother’s day brunch. See our mother’s day lunch below and book a table now.

We have tree serving times at sunday 12.5. mother’s day:


G = Gluten free; L = Lactose free; VL = Low lactose; M = Dairy free

Cold dishes
Green salads of the season and rhubarb vinaigrette (M, G)
Asparagus, artichocke and avocadosalad with crispy parma ham (M, G)
Roasted eggplant and cherrytomatoes with arugula (M, G)
Marinadet mozzarella, olives and sweet potatoes (L, G)
Wild mushroom salad with roots and dijondressing (L, G)
Melon salad with cucmber, herbs and roasted pumpkin seeds (M, G)
Seasonal potatoes with dill butter (L, G)
Onion herring, tar-mustard herring, garlic herring and smoked vendaces (L, G)
Warm smoked white fish and orage marinated asparagus (M, G)
Atlantic salmon with congac seasoning and cucumber with ginger (M, G)
Sweet chili marinated seafood and mango noodle salad (M,G)
Roasted chicken and Panzella salad (L)
Beef marble fillet with Peperonata and tomato aioli (L, G)

Warm dishes
Atlantic salmon with herb crumble and Remoulade sauce (L, G)
Over cooked beef entrecôte and dark olive sauce (L, G)
Mashed cabbage (L, G)
Potato gnocchi with spinach-tomato sauce (L)

Cake table
Berry cream cheese cake (L)
Chocolate cake and juicy strawberrys (L, G)
Rhubarb Cobbler and white chocolate mousse (VL)
Fruit salad and Tonka bean creme (L, G)

55,00 €