Fisherman’s harvest brunch 11.9.–30.10.


We serve Fisherman’s harvest brunch on Sundays at 12–18 in three settings (12.00 / 14.00 / 16.00).


Sprouts with lingonberry vinegar V, GF
Slightly salted salmon seasoned with beetroot and dill mayo LF, GF
Smoked whitefish and pickled cucumbers LF, GF
Herb seasoned beef and pickled chanterelles LF, GF
Caesar salad and smoked vendace LF
Crayfish and potato salad LF, GF
Goat cheese salad with roasted vegetables seasoned with honey LG, GF
Rye pie with leek and forest mushroom LF
Seasonal potatoes with dill butter LF, GF
Bread and butter LF 


Malt glazed pork cheek LF
Roasted trout with creamy crayfish sauce LF, GF
Pecorino and cabbage gratin LF, GF
Butternut squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds LF, GF


Apple pie with crumbles and vanilla cream LF, GF
Stout cake with white chocolate mousse GF
Plums marinated with cognac LF, GF
Cheese selection with pear compote and crackers LF 

45 €


GF = Gluten free; LF = Lactose free; LL = Low lactose; DF = Dairy free; V = Vegan

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