Christmas brunch 2.–16.12.

Welcome to enjoy the Christmas brunch on Sundays 2.–16.12.

We serve brunch 11–17, table reservations will be received until 15.30.

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Christmas brunch

G = Gluten free; L = Lactose free; VL = Low lactose; M = Milk free


From land:
Season’s salads and beetroot vinaigrette MF, GF
Apple-celery salad with nuts MF, GF
Wild mushroom salad with pickled red onion LF, GF
Goat cheese with lentil-root vegetable salad LL, GF
Boiled potatoes with dill butter LF, GF

From water:
Whiskey-mustard herring, juniper berry Baltic herring and shrimp Skagen LF, GF
Warm smoked Finnish rainbow troat with dill remoulade LF, GF
Blue mussels marinated in herb broth LF, GF
Slightly salted salmon, vinegar cucumbers and butler’s sauce LF, GF

From farm:
Rimmad beef, blueberries and parsnip crème LF, GF
Pulled pork with fruity couscous salad LF


Overcooked beef brisket with bacon-red wine sauce and gratinated root vegetables LF, GF
Pike balls in crayfish sauce LF, GF
Poletus Mac & Cheese LF


Olive-rosemary focaccia, croissants, malt bread and country-style bread
Browned butter, herb cream cheese and herb hummus


Gingerbread-white chocolate mousse ”stracciatella”
Chocolate marquise and juiced cloudberry
Finnish cheeses, compote and crackers



We recommed with brunch
House red or white wine 5,00 € / 12 cl
House red or white wine 29,00 € / bottle
Gancia Prosecco Piccolo 10,00 €

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