Lunch menu at week 12

Lunch menu at week 12

We serve our delicious lunch menu at weekdays from 11am to 14pm. All de dishes is served also seperatly. Also our dinner set menus are available at lunch time.

Three course 28,90 €
Two course 23,90 €


BLINI, shrimp skagen and roe LF   12,50 / 16,90 €

Main course

FRIED PIKE PERCH, cep risotto and tomato salsa LF, GF 20,90 €


CHOCOLATE CAKE, saffron pear and vanilla mousse LF 9,90 €

Warmly welcome to enjoy our amazing athmospire and delicious lunch!


Duck and cep
Duck rillette – Cep braised in duck fat – Spinach velouté with green chili LF, GF

Cod, swede and lingonberry
Cod loin with lingonberry crumble crust – Smoked swede purée – Fried wild mushrooms – Needle bean salad LF, GF

Rosemary and citrus
Rosemary panna cotta – Grapefruit sorbet – Blood orange geleé – Orange – Toasted white chocolate GF, (LF)

49,50 €


Our waiters are happy to tell more about the menu

45,00 €


Salmon and eggplant
Cold smoked salmon and gravlax tartar – Roasted eggplant – Lemon foam – Sugar peas – Crostini LF, (GF)

Finnish quality beef
Beef tenderloin (150 g) – Potato fondant – Green beans – Cherry tomatoes – Béarnaise sauce LF, GF

Banana and hazelnut
Dark chocolate ganache – Banana cake – Hazelnut cookie – Sea-buckthorn gel LF

53,50 €