Your choice – combine your own buffet

Your choice – combine your own buffet

Customize your own buffet with the options below. All buffets include a season’s green salad with vinaigrette sauce, boiled potatoes seasoned with dill and a house bread selection with spread.

  1. Choose six (6) appetizer from any starter group (additional choice + 5,00 €)
  2. Choose one main course that will determine the final price (with two main courses price is 57,00 €)
  3. Choose one dessert (additional choice +5,00 €)


Tasty salads
Potato and caper salad with whisky seasoned mustard DF, GF
Cloudberrie seasoned root vegetable and lentil salad with spinach DF, GF
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and tomato quinoa DF, GF
Couscous salad with pumpkin and olives with ginger seasoned tzatziki LF
Wild mushroom salad seasoned with horseradish LF, GF
Waldorf salad and roasted nuts LF, GF
Mildly roasted cherry tomatoes with mozzarella pearls and basil LF, GF
Roasted beetroot, chicory and goat cheese with pinenut vinaigrette LF, GF
Watermelon and feta cheese salad with mint LF, GF
Roasted Parma ham, pear and watercress salad LF, GF

Fisherman’s catch
Shrimp Skagen LF, GF
Herb and white wine marinated blue mussels LF, GF
Sweet chili marinated shellfishes and coriander salad LF, GF
Arctic Ocean shrimps and lime aioli DF, GF
Meripaviljonki herring and Baltic herring selection LF, GF
Pike terrine and pickled vegetables LF, GF
Spice roasted salmon pastrami and saffron rouille LF, GF
Sugar salted rainbow trout and Japanese cucumber salad LF, GF
Warm smoked whitefish and rémoulade sauce with dill LF, GF

Butcher delicacies
Country-style pâté, crispy bacon and juniper berry cream LF, GF
Duck leg rillette and orange seasoned cranberry compote LF, GF
Mildly smoked roast beef and caper aioli DF, GF
Slightly salted beef and tomato salsa wiht eggplant DF, GF
Åland lamb terrine and tar marinated shallot DF, GF

main courses

Portobello ”Schnitzel” DF, (GF) 42,00 €
Sweet potato and potato gratin with tofu-lentil ragoût

Pumpkin seed coated rainbow trout LF, GF 44,00 €
Stewed spinach and smoky root vegetable purée

Roasted corn chicken breast LF 43,00 €
Creamy wild mushrooms  barley and dark blackcurrant sauce

Overcooked pork’s cheek in red wine sauce LF, G 44,00 €
Bean and tomato ragoût with roasted potatoes

Tender beef neck gratinated with herbs LF, GF 46,00 €
Potato gratin with Emmental cheese and root vegetable hash


Blueberry and juniper berry tiramisu LF
Lemon cheesecake with raspberry compote LF, (GF)
Basil Pannacotta with oat granola and juiced strawberries LF, (GF)
Chocolate marquise with mocha-chocolate mousse and vanilla cream cheese foam LL, GF
Apple and rhubarb Cobbler pie with vanilla sauce LF
Brownie with coffee caramel and marinated cloudberries LF


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