Set Menus

Set Menus

Set menus for minimum 15 person. We ask to choose same menu option for all guests and special catering options are available for special diet requirements.

Menu Hakaniemi 55 €

Ice cellar char LF, GF
Cauliflower cream, tarragon and buttermilk dressing and pickled vegetables
Roasted whitefish LF, GF
Smoky fish and potato hash and dill Beurre Blanc sauce

or (we need main courses 5 business days in advance)

Whole roasted beef fillet (Finnish) LF, GF
Fried potatoes with garlic and dark blackcurrant sauce
Rhubarb crumb pie and vanilla mousse LF

Menu Classic 65 €

Smörrebröd with hand-peeled shrimps
Spicy radish-fennel salad
Fluffy artichoke soup and apple
Fried pike perch with herb butter
Lobster butter sauce and cauliflower puree
Brownie cake and raspberry glazed with dark chocolate LF

Menu Maakrapu (ask for vegan) 45 €

Cauliflower wings DF, GF
Marinated vegetable salad and avocado aioli
Roasted artichokes LF, GF
Stewed lentils and artichoke
Espresso crème caramel and citrus salad LF, GF

Menu market place 47 €

Fluffy carrot soup LF, GF
Roasted nuts
Roasted corn chicken breast LF, GF
Dijon mustard sauce and almond potatoes
Sea buckthorn posset and chocolate crumble LF, GF


GF = Gluten free; LF = Lactose free; LL = Low lactose; DF = Dairy free; V = Vegan

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