Buffet menu


GF = Gluten free; LF = Lactose free; LL = Low lactose; DF = Dairy free

Buffet on request for minimum 30 person.
Ask more from our sales office: meripaviljonki@graniittiravintolat.fi

Meripaviljonki buffet – 48,00 € (two main course 57,00 €)

Selected sprouts and lettuce leaf with honey thyme vinaigrette DF, GF
Salad from watermelon, feta cheese and marinated onions LL, GF
Roasted root vegetables, lentils and dried arctic cloudberries DF, GF
Wild mushrooms and horseradish and potato salad with spinache pesto DF, GF
Marinated small fish selection LF, GF
Akvavit flavoured salmon and sauce remoulade DF, GF
Beef tataki with cole slaw LF, GF
Bread selection and spread LF
Pumpkin seed encrust arctic char and smoky root vegetable purée LF, GF
Beef marbled fillet, cognac and pepper sauce, thyme potato terrine LF, GF
Cheesecake and wild berry compote LF

Fishermans delicious buffet – 49,90 € (two main courses 58,90 €)

Selected sprouts and lettuce leaf with lemon vinaigrette DF, GF
Basil marinated home cheese, cherry tomatoes and pine seeds LF, GF
Salad from roasted cauliflower, grapes and quinoa MF, GF
Noodle salad with sweet chili marinated shrimps MF, GF
Blue mussels served with Bloody Mary broth and Patatas pravas salad MF, GF
Cold smoked rainbow trout with dill mustard dressing  MF, GF
Lavaret cheviche, avocado pea cremê with spicy jalopeno salsa LF, GF
Slightly salted beef with Tonnato sauce MF, GF
Bread selection and spread LF

Main course, table service
Grilled trout served with creamy crayfish sauce and horseradish potato terrine LF, GF

and / or

Overcooked lamb entrecote served with Marrakesh sauce and mynth flavoured barley LF

Sweer ending
raspberry white chocolate pannacotta and nut brittle G


Small bites buffet – 51,90 €

Selected sprouts and lettuce leaf with honey and thyme vinaigrette DF, GF
Roasted eggplant, chick pea and herb marinated mozzarella LL, GF
Arctic cloudberry seasoned root vegetable and lentil salad and spinach DF, GF
Roasted vegetables and tomato quinoa DF, GF
Marinated Manchegoa and olives LF, GF
Shrimps, cocktail salad and tabasco aioli LF, GF
Scallop terrine and Antiboise salsa L,G
Smoky whitefish skagen on countryside bread LF

Vitello tonnato: calf roast with tuna sauce and capers-raisins salsa LF, GF
Roasted lamb salsicci sausage and barley ”tabbouleh” LF

Teriyaki roasted salmon rotisserie and sesame salad LF, GF

Basil panna cotta, nut brittle and juiced strawberries LF, (GF)
Chocolate brownie, coffee caramel sauce and marinated arctic cloudberries LF

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