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Evening with shellfishes 20.3.

What sounds like a nautical landscape, a warm atmosphere and delicious sea food? If your taste buds awoke, then this evening is just for you.

The Sea Pavilion offers its customers shellfish menu for a very reasonable price. If shellfishes are new thing for you, then now is also a good time to test your future favourite! Check out the menu below and book your table. Please mention that you pre-order shellfish menu upon reservation.

We reveal drink recommendations closer to evening.

Shellfish menu 20.3.

Shellfish soup seasoned with saffron, potato croquet and dill mousse

Main course:
Shellfish platter which includes:
– King crabs
– Crab claws
– Oysters
– Shrimps, natural and smoked
– Blue mussels
– Vongole mussels
– Scallop Chevice
– Marinated octopus
– Ink aioli
– Seaweed remoulade
– Orange and carrot hot sauce

Lemon and meringue pie à la Meripaviljonki

45,00 € / one person
80,00 € / two person




Mussel and shellfish weeks 24.2.-9.4.

Mussels and shellfishes are served in Meripaviljonki 24.2.-9.4 weekdays after lunch and weekends all day.

Delicious seafood pots are available as appetizers, main dishes or shared portions among the group. Check out the menu below and come and taste the best seafoods in Meripaviljonki.


Tuscan crab stew LF, (GF)
Giant crabs, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes in garlic spiced white wine sauce with rustic homemade bread
14,90 € / 22,90 €

Nordic steams LF, (GF)
Blue mussels, vongole mussels, crayfishes, whole shrimps and potatoes in spruce and juniper flavored broth with malt bread
24,90 € / for two 46,50 €

Cajun steams LF, (GF)
Whole shrimps, crab claws, vongole mussels, blue mussels, Salsiccia-sausage, potatoes and corn in garlic and smoked sweet pepper flavored broth with rustic homemade bred
29,50 € / for two 55,90 €

Arctic steams LF, (GF)
King crab leg, blue mussels, whole shrimps and potatoes in dill and horseradish flavored broth with malt bread
32,50 € / for two 60,90 €

Blue mussel pot LF, (GF)
Blue mussels and fresh herbs in creamy white wine broth with rustic homemade bread
500 g / 17,90 €
1 kg / 23,90 €

Mussel pot LF, (GF)
Blue mussels, vongole mussels and green shell mussels in lime flavored piquant coriander broth with rustic homemade bread
500 g / 19,90 €
1 kg / 25,90 €


First of May at Meripaviljonki

First of may at Meripaviljonki 1.5.

We serve a delicious brunch of First of May at Meripaviljonki. Choose the serving time and make a reservation from here!

Serving times:

Brunch at First of May – 52,00 €

Selected shoots and lettuce leaves with capers and shallot vinaigrette DF, GF
Avocado and citrus salad, asparagus cream and crispy Parma ham DF, GF
Roasted eggplant and zucchini with tomato quinoa DF, GF
Marinated manchego cheese, olives and balsamic champignon LF, GF
Bbq marinated pulled peas and Caesar salad DF

Glazier’s herring, tar and mustard herring and sour cream Baltic herring with roe LF, GF
Smoked whitefish, nettle and potato salad DF, GF
Lemon marinated sea salmon and ginger pickled cucumber and daikon DF, GF
Sweet chili marinated shrimps and coriander aioli DF, GF
Spring chicken terrine, curry dressing and coleslaw LF, GF

Finnish rainbow trout stewed in white wine with cherry tomato vinaigrette LF, GF
Slow-cooked beef neck and root vegetable ragoût LF, GF
Raw sausages and stewed spring cabbage LF, GF
Chickpea and tomato ragoût with roasted tofu DF, GF
Spring potatoes in dill butter LF, GF

Saffron and vanilla panna cotta, strawberries with sparkling wine and funnel cake LF
Blackcurrant pie, milk chocolate mousse and lemon cream LL
Doughnuts, pralines and marshmallows LF
Cheeses, compote and biscuits LF, GF

A unique floating terrace is open

Visit Meripaviljonki’s terrace for food and drink with that seaside atmosphere

Guests can now enjoy Helsinki’s newest seaside terrace which is a  unique, floating summer terrace. In addition to seaside views and summery drinks, you can indulge in some delicious dishes on the sunny terrace of Meripaviljonki.

The new terrace is ideal for leisurely summer afternoons and evenings, spent sipping fresh drinks and eating delicious food. “The highlights of our summer menu include crayfish Smörrebröd, smoked Finnish trout and a selection of seafood. ‘Pohjolan bouillabaisse’, our Nordic version of the classic Mediterranean soup, is also a guaranteed treat for the taste buds,” says Joonas Keskinen, director of operations at Ravintolakolmio Group, which operates Meripaviljonki.

Warmly welcome to Meripaviljonki’s terrace!