Blini brunch 14.1.-24.3.

Blini Brunch on Sundays from January 14th to March 24th.

Meripaviljonki’s popular blini brunch is back in January – a warm welcome!

When your stomach starts rumbling, head our way – at our blini brunch, you can eat as many blinis as you can handle. Meripaviljonki’s blini brunch includes freshly baked, crispy and fluffy blinis with refreshing toppings, various salads, soup, and a selection of sweet desserts.

Hot, crispy blinis straight from the cast-iron skillet and fresh, crisp toppings that you can choose to your liking. The beginning of the year is a time for relaxed gatherings – book a table for our delicious blini brunch.

Blini brunch servings on Sundays at 11:30 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:30 PM.

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Freshly cooked buckwheat blinis straight from Meripaviljonki’s kitchen – eat as many as you can!

From the starter buffet
Selection of three roes, red onion and whipped sour cream (LF,GF)
Sea buckthorn herring (DF,GF)
Mustard herring (DF,GF) Sherry herring (DF,GF)
Smoked vendace (DF,GF)
Lime-flavoured Skagen with Arctic shrimp (DF,GF)
Gravlax and horseradish (DF,GF)
Hot-smoked salmon (LF,GF)
Cured beef fillet, parmesan, arugula and capers (LF,GF)
Mushroom salad (LF,GF)
Honey pickles (LF,GF)
Fresh green salad, vegetables and pomegranate vinaigrette (V,GF)
Dijon-flavoured potato salad, capers, eggs, peas and herbs (LF,GF)
Three-cabbage coleslaw (V,GF)

Main course
Fish and seafood seljanka soup (LF,GF)

Hibiscus tea-flavoured pannacotta, caramelized nuts and lemon (LF,GF)
Blueberry and white chocolate pavlova (LL,GF)
Selection of cheeses, jam, and salted crackers

GF = Gluten free; LF = Lactose free; LL = Low lactose; DF = Dairy free; V = Vegan

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