Blini brunch on Saturdays at 12-18

Welcome to enjoy the Blini brunch on Saturdays. We serve brunch 12-18, table reservations will be received until 14.30. Reserve a table!

Blini brunch

G = Gluten free; L = Lactose free; VL = Low lactose; M = Milk free

On saturdays at 12-18
Selection of fish roe, red onion and sour cream LF,GF
Herring and Baltic herring á la Meripaviljonki LF, GF
Gravlax and warm smoked whitefish DF,GF
Wild mushroom salad, Russian pickled cucumber and honey LF,GF
Charcuterie LF, GF
Porcini tapenade, cauliflower hummus and dill remoulade LF,GF
Sprouts and green salad with sea-buckthorn vinaigrette DF,GF
Salad Olivier: crayfish tails, peas, potato, egg and capers, with horseradish dressing LF,GF
Pickled apple-red cabbage salad and Adjika-quinoa salad DF,GF
Kale-vegetable salad, roasted nuts and mandarin-tahini dressing LF,GF

Coffee, tea and juice

Fresh buckwheat blinis from the kitchen,
Eat as many you fish!


Our blinis contain gluten, gluten free and veagan blinis also available by pre-order.