Blini brunch 30.12.–31.3.

Welcome to enjoy the Blini brunch on Sundays 30.12.–31.3. We serve brunch 11–17, table reservations will be received until 15.30. Reserve a table!

Blini brunch

G = Gluten free; L = Lactose free; VL = Low lactose; M = Milk free

Meripaviljonki’s herrings and Baltic herrings LF, GF
House shrimp Skagen LF, GF
Slightly salted salmon with dill-vinegar cucumbers MF, GF
Roe selection, red onion and whipped sour cream LF, GF
Warm smoked whitefish, fennel-orange salad and tarragon LF, GF
Wild mushroom salad with boletus tapenade LF, GF
Russian pickles and honey LF, GF
Smoked reindeer mousse of Finnish reindeer LF, GF

Season’s greens and cranberry vinaigrette MF, GF
Salad with roasted beetroot, pine nuts and blue cheese LF, GF
Quinoa tabbouleh with herbs and roasted cherry tomatoes MF, GF
Balsamico marinated mushrooms, pickled cauliflower and marinated olives (MF, GF)
Red cabbage and grapes MF, GF
Archipelago Caesar salad and chopped egg LF

Spice roasted pork chops and BBQ sauce LF, GF
Baked kale and bacon with oven potato wedges seasoned with smoked sweet pepper LF, GF
Roasted vegetables seasoned with gremolata LF, GF

House bread pudding, sea buckthorn berry-caramel sauce, berry jam and vanilla crème LL
Blackcurrant panna cotta and roasted coconut LF, GF
Pralines and marmalades
Cheeses, crackers, fruits and compotes


Our blinis contain gluten, gluten free blinis also available by pre-order.

We recommend with brunch:
House red or white wine 5,00 € / 12 cl & 29,00 € / bottle
Gancia Prosecco Piccolo 10,00 €